Who Doesn't Like a Prize


Who Doesn't Like a Prize

Video Challenge

Australia’s Best Challenge Product……It’s Like no Other 

  • Action packed Tournament play for 2 – 40 Players
  • Oversized “BASH BUTTONs” for rapid fire play
  • Multiple touch screen bonus features for maximum player interaction
  • Built in web cams for live streaming of contestants across terminals and leader board.
  • Multiple play modes
    • Tournament play in either:- Free play mode > Determine a winner from 2 to 40 contestants- Leader board mode > Cumulate player scores across multiple tournaments
    • Members play via PROMO LINK provides:- Single Play experience for members to swipe and post a ‘Top 10’ score, great for venue-wide promotions, mass player engagement and reduced staff involvement- Play activation via member card swipe- Control patron elegibility based on tier
    • Team Play:- Player terminals combine for aggregated team scores allowing fun promo tie ins…. Valentines Day….State of Origin….Boys Vs Girls, Venue Vs Venue etc….


100% configurable promotions to suit YOUR venues requirements:

Use in stand-alone mode or connect seamlessly to your Gaming Management System via Wymac’s PROMOLINK interface to allow:

  • Varied entry mechanics including Free play,Member swipe and Promo Coupon
  • Multiple prize tables mapped to your patronstier for Targeted rewards
  • Your choice of Prize levels, prize descriptionsand related odds, or create a fixed seriespromotion
  • Control patron eligibility based on tier, DOBand any other system driven parameter
  • Deduct and Award loyalty pointsautomatically from the players account

Optional play methods:

  • Member card swipe – system connectionmode supports IGT, EBET, Aristocrat, Ballyand a host of non gaming POS / loyaltyproviders
  • Coupon insertion: pre- printed entry couponstied to a promotion driven ID – great fordistribution to members via invitational mailor venue comp
  • Terminal key for floor staff activation whenever required

…the options are many and are ALL yours.

  • Seasonal games….for great promotional tieins including Spring carnival, Footy finals,Christmas, Chinese New Year or just havefun decorating the venue year round themessuch as Pirates, Carnivale, Easter, Circus,New Year or the perennial favourite, VegasVegas!
  • Customised games… include your brand asthe Hero Symbol and that of potential prizesponsors such as beverage companies…ask us how…


JackPOD……Unique in Every Way

The JackPOD system is Wymac ‘s latest promotional platform and it’s changing the way venue’s engage players via promotion.

Blending the popularity and competitive theatre of Video Challenge with Centre stage celebration of Colossus…..JackPOD provides the venue ultimate flexibility and the player ultimate entertainment.

What makes JackPOD unique ?

  • Something different , no spinning reel games and terminals that don’t resemble gaming machines, allowing wider venue execution and LOUDER promotional support.
  • JackPOD game titles include games of Chance with a classic “Game Show” feel and games of Skill for arcade styled interactive engagement that will have the player wanting

Initial titles include What’s in the Box, Roll For Riches and Banana Rumble and more are on the way…

JackPOD software supports multiple game titles, configurable game settings and variable delivery options for a multitude of promotional possibilities, including :

Single play

        • Instant prize – Immediate reward with configurable prize table(s)
        • Leader board - Promotion reward for mass participation
        • Jackpot reveal – Pre determined prize reveal – VMS dictates prize and pass’s to JackPOD terminal via card swipe for “game play” and prize reveal.

Up to 5 terminals can operate in single mode thru out the venue via network connection to a Master JackPOD terminal.

Group play

        • Party play- Determine the winner(s) with exciting skill based games
        • Jackpot reveal- Pre determined Group reveals – VMS dictates prize and pass’s to JackPOD terminal via card swipe for “competitive game play” and prize reveals.

Party play supports up to 5 competing terminals






Texas Multi Choice

Player variety plus Operator control = Venue performance

Wymac’s release into the world of gaming has been focussed on delivering simple objectives:

  • Provide players something FUN and something Different, a product that appeals to customers of today but also speaks to the player of tomorrow.

  • Provide operators greater flexibility to configure games to perform best in their environment via dynamic denomination control and game selection.

Texas Multi Choice delivers:

  • A true Multi Game platform with 4 different styled games for the price of 1: including a 20 line REEL game, Muti card KENO, Multi hand POKER with a twist and Roulette.

  • Flexibility to configure up to 7 available denominations for each game from the machine at any time day or night and in minutes ! ……..set denominations to  best cater for the type and size of crowd you know will be in the venue

  • Four Level Stand alone Progressive Jackpot across all games with a Mystery trigger

  • 4 levels of RTP settings for Reels, Keno and Poker and 2 for Roulette


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